What is Contribution Balanced Participation?

Be a part of our intention of abundance for all by contributing, to unleash the unifying power of money.

Imagine your highest potential you unravel through us and contribute for how much value emerges for you between ∞infinity and €0.

Today, we see an undeniable situation, that there is a gap between people's solvency —ability to pay.

With this awareness, we believe everyone giving what they can according to their wealth is the best way going forward in terms of equal access rights.

People with more wealth can give more, while people with less wealth can give less. We don't expect to see proof of wealth. We simply believe in the integrity and fairness of your choice. We expect you to decide how much you value this journey and your contribution.

This way, we unlock the opportunity to give everyone access to these experiences and contribute. We balance this contribution thanks to you. We want people without the ability to pay at the moment to benefit as well. We think, through this inclusivity, all of us can meet around the same circle. We are introducing the Contribution Balanced Participation to unveil the unifying power of money.

Our intention is abundance for all. We are asking you to be a part of this intention.

Where do you see yourself in creating this balance?
You can choose anything between ∞infinity — €0. The choice is yours.

Some reference points for values

To help guide you we wanted to give you some personal reference points with the values of certain experiences:

~ €0 Taking a walk in the forest
~ €20
Drinking a coffee together
~ €60
Eating lunch at a cafe
~ €100
Eating a nice dinner at a restaurant
~ €150
A night out to party and dance
~ €200
Going to a festival
~ €500
Spending a weekend in the mountains
~ €1000
Taking a small vacation by the sea
~ €3000
Being on the road in favorite locations