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Design Playing™ Logotype

The design methodologies have evolved into bridging our human essentials to the ways we innovate.

Our dream is to bring back our innate ability to be flexible and play together.

A world, where people of all ages play together to design & reimagine products, services, societies, the future of their work, their communities and even their families... Meanwhile the robots and ai do all the robotic work and operation, letting humans be humans.

We are making this dream a reality, together.


The Framework

Design Playing™ —in short DP— is a 3 chapter & 6 stage, transformative and inclusive design methodology, that focuses on applied-dreaming rather than problem-solving through a collaborative and creative play approach, inspired by the way children create.

The Human Essentials

Designing experientially with human essentials all along the journey makes all the difference.

Collaborative Horizontal Leadership

Art Of Listening

Space for Curiosity & Joy

Encouraging & Embracing Mistakes

Inclusive of All ages

Dream Beyond, Make Tangible

Art of Experience

Unlearn & Recreate

Learning By Playing

Inner Child

Playing is the act of staging an inclusive and amusing self-directed activity —helping to communicate emotions— that is spontaneous and creative, with behavioral, social and inner learnings.

Meir Benezra
Play Wizard, Design Playing™ Founder

The Playshops

These playshops empower your organization to reach its highest creative potential, today. With 1 or 2-day playshops you can attain your dreams building a better working environment for people.

Future Planning Departments & Teams

Employee experience and team building is very crucial within an organization. Re-imagine the way you communicate and interact defining new rituals and habits.

Attendees: Department Leaders and teams
Participation: 6 - 30+ people of all ages
Duration: 1 or 2-day playshop with pre and post assignments

Strategic Vision Storytelling

Knowing the why and how is key to ensure the right path. Envision your next game-changing chapter and build the creative story around it to spread your vision.

Attendees: Senior-level Leaders, Product/Service Owners
Participation: 6 - 16+ people of all ages
Duration: 1 or 2-day playshop with pre and post assignments

Community Game-Changing

To bring change, building local and global communities is a must. Elevate your dreams to a new level by the inclusion of your community to re-write your future story, today.

Attendees: Organizational Leaders, Locals
Participation: 6 - 30+ people of all ages
Duration: 1 or 2-day playshop with pre and post assignments repeated over 1 or 2-month period

Custom Design Playshop

Design Playing combines and transforms many different methodologies and tools, including Socratic Design, Service Design, UX Design, Design Thinking, Drama, etc.

We can structure a custom playshop with your needs and dreams to best fit your case, company and goals.

You can experience one of the pre-curated Design Playshops first-hand with our certified DP Facilitators or get a custom one for your specific needs with our certified DP Masters.


Solving problems by thinking does not create the world we want. Playing is our most powerful way of manifestation and innovation.

Meir Benezra
Play Wizard, Design Playing™ Founder

The Training

Bring the mindset, skillset and toolset to your ecosystem. This Master Program empowers you to facilitate Design Playshops choosing from our 3 pre-made ones or even curate your own.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Become a


Learn to facilitate the 1-day or 2-day Design Playshops as a DP Facilitator. Elevate innovation to the next level by including everyone in your Playshops, even children.

Attendees: Passionate Leaders
Participation: 6 -18 people
Duration: 4 days with pre and post assignments


Become a

DP Facilitator

Acquire the skillset to give the DP Facilitator Training to others, being their guide on their journey. Spread play to become a leader of change.

Attendees: Experienced DP Facilitators
Participation: Max 8 people
Duration: 6 days with pre and post assignments


Become a


Flourish to the level of involving other experts and curating custom Design Playshops. Be the master of play, to create global change invoking and cohesive Design Playing™ experiences.

Attendees: Experienced DP Facilitator Guides
Participation: 1-on-1 Online
Duration: 1 month with 4 2-hour sessions

A very hands-on and practical learning-by-playing journey with global certification to get yourself to the next level in design facilitation.

You can embed Design Playing™ in your organization, even start doing the trainings yourself. Acquire the know-how for a sustainable design and collaboration culture. You can get the training step by step or the whole program journey at once.


Share your dreams with us, and let's embark on a new journey together.

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Or you can schedule a Discovery Play with the founder and Play Wizard, Meir Benezra. This is also a great time to check out our abundance based radically unifying value exchange model, Contribution Balanced Participation (CBP).